How to open a pop-up shop?

A pop-up retail store is a short-term retail space that appears seemingly out of nowhere, quickly drawing in customers, and then disappears when the optimal selling season is over. You’ll see large retailers such as Mercedes, H&M and Levi’s incorporating pop-ups in their main retail space to briefly promote trendy events. Pop up stores can also briefly set up a shop in a vacant storefront in a mall or other type of shopping center.

But how do you start?

1. Location is key!
First of all you have to find a very good location.  Pop-up stores do need many consumers passing by and lot’s of space is empty for the moment.  It’s better to invest a little bit more money in a good location than in your store design or communciation.

2. An original concept.
What will your shop be about?  Will it offer something special?  Something people have to see/visit or experience?  If not, organise a brainstorm session and keep looking until you find enough reasons for consumers to drop in.

3. Design
A pop-up store is something special.  Make sure your shops looks special!  Invest in creative design and you will be surprised what you can do with cheap materials.

4. Spread the word
Of course, last but not least, you have to set up communication to ensure people know about your temporary shop.   Spread the word, using your special concept via flyers, social media, websites and other media.  It would be a pity that consumers hear about it once you already closed again…

Good luck!


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