The end of the store?

Meanwhile on the internet

Many magazines, websites and books are announcing the end of the store.  Conferences are opened with this theme, however, we are sure the store will never disappear.

But retail is changing. Why are children boutiques open all year?  They mainly sell in spring and at the ‘back to school’-season.   The rest of the year, they have much less sales.  Isn’t it an interesting thought then, to open a pop-up store just in the months you sell the 75% of your annual sales?  Leaving you with a couple of months of spare time to do other things.

A small Belgian children shoe boutique did.  She closed her permanent store in a small city.  Moved to a bigger city for 6 months in a year (March-April-May and August-September-October) and created a web shop to serve its clients all year round.  The other 6 months of the year she is helping with the business of her husband, where more money is made than in the quiet months in her boutique.

Can your store be optimized?  Contact us to discuss this.


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