How to pop it up?

Pop-up retail is a great way to deliver the unexpected.  Fresh surroundings, new product, unusual presentations – all feed the soul of the savvy shopper.  But there is more to “pop-it-up” than just throwing open a pair of random doors.

What makes great pop-up store?  Let’s spell it out.


Identifying the objective for the pop-up shop is a critical first step.  Before you can effectively determine the “whats” (What does it look like?  What are we selling?  What goes on inside?), you need to know the “whys.”  Nail down your goals before you create your space, and start with a business concept.  Pop-up has to be part of your strategy.


Who are you?  Which USP’s do you have?  Think about the essence of your brand.  How can you showcase these qualities in your pop-up store? Make it original and worth visiting.


Details matter.  Understand your big picture, and then create little moments that combine to tell your story and engage your guest.  It’s the little things that a shopper will remember – and talk about.


Your pop-up store should effect your brand in a positive way and make it stronger.  Interact with your other marketing tools and with your audience.


Together with the objectives of your pop-up store and the location, you have to pay attention to the timing.  Testing a location needs more time than arising brand awareness.  Some objectives only need a couple of hours, others need a number of months.


A temporary store can not be a copy of your existing store.   You have to surprise your visitor and give them reasons to come and visit your pop-up space.   Let visitors see, hear, feel or taste what it is all about.  Make it exclusive and make sure people share your initiative.  Doing so, the ones who did not make it to your temporary store, will envy the visitors.  And that’s a good thing for your brand image.


It’s noisy out there.  Brands are screaming for your consumer’s attention.  The goal is not to make noise; you want to make a difference.  You do this by being provocative.  Ask a question.  Make a statement.  Challenge a truth.  Redefine a reality.  Make a joke.  Find your brand’s voice, and let it speak.

Then you will really pop it up.

Based on a blogpost of our US colleagues  Storefront


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