Will you go bankrupt before you realize what to do?

We hearded it yesterday on the ‘Webwinkelvakdagen‘ in the Netherlands.  Some entrepreneurs need to go bankrupt first before they realize  their business model should be changed.   Marlies Dekkers (Lingerie) went bankrupt last year.  Now, she’s back and combines a new online shop with her traditional sales points and own pop-up stores that intensify her sales on different locations.

When you are in industries like fashion, shoe’s or other seasonal articles it’s hard to sell all year round.  Why should you keep on paying rent for your shops during months where almost nobody buys your articles?  Wouldn’t it be far more efficient to start a webshop?  There, you enable customers to shop all year round.  Furthermore, you could service them with a brick-and-mortar pop-up store when your season arrives.   You may even consider to open multiple pop-up stores in different cities during those critical times of the year.   The result will be a much healthier business!  And it may be just the solution you need to survive.


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