How to choose a pop-up location?

how to find a perfect location for your store

Your location is key.  But how do you pick a good location to pop-up?  Many empty premises aren’t in the right area.  Best locations are in the city center, with lots of traffic passing by your store.   However, in many centers, the best locations are not empty…

Do not agree on a cheap deal for a pop-up location, when the zoning is not right.  Rather pay a little bit extra, and benefit from this better location.

How to scout the ideal pop-up space? 5 tips to start looking:

  • Traffic counts: When you are considering a location, it’s not just the number of passing people that matters; it’s also where they are headed.
  • Competition: do you benefit from a popular anchor in your neighborhood?  In some cases, it’s good to be near your competitors (fashion for instance).  Doing so, you benefit from the communication effort (or notoriety) of your competitor.
  • Target audience: Knowing where your customers are requires knowing who they are. And what they want from your pop-up concept.  A good strategy is the most important thing!
  • Size does matter: When scouting a location, size does matter.  It depends from your goals.  More important than size are the utilities available on the scene.  Do you have access to water, electricity, internet, …
  • Administration & Credits: Last but not least, make sure you are permitted to open your temporary store in the area.  And check if you can benefit from credits.  Many city councils foresee incentives for creating new shops in empty spaces.

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