Webwinkel starten?

Webwinkels schieten als paddestoelen uit de grond.  Maar ze hebben één groot nadeel ten opzichte van klassieke winkels: je krijgt weinig of geen toevallige passanten.  Lastig dus, om je bekendheid op te bouwen.  Dit betekent concreet dat je meestal zware communicatie inspanningen moet doen om mensen naar je webshop te lokken.

Een alternatieve communicatie actie kan zijn het inzetten van pop-up’s.  Met tijdelijke winkels trek je naar plaatsen waar wel passage is om op die manier deze passanten naar je site te lokken.  Bijvoorbeeld door hen even je producten te laten voelen, of hen via een QR code of ander trucje naar je site te lokken.

En als je bovendien je pop-up in diverse steden opzet, telkens voor een paar dagen/weken, krijg je snel meer naambekendheid en hopelijk ook trafiek op  je webshop.

Meer hierover in ons boek ‘Pop it up (Lannoo Campus)’

Rapha Cycling store pop-up Melbourne

Schermafbeelding 2015-12-01 om 09.33.31.pngThe Rapha cycling store pop-Up store is situated in the very heart of Melbourne city centre, hosting a variety of exciting events, exhibitions, talks and rides.  The Rapha Pop-Up Melbourne will also provide a selection of the latest Rapha products to browse and purchase, alongside serving the finest coffee.

The Whole Foods pop-up truck is going to the shoppers

If the shopper is too busy to come to your store, go to them.  That is what Whole Foods Market is doing by bringing fresh food to the people.  Operating from a refurbished classic trolley car, My Street Grocery is a mobile grocer that travels to neighborhoods and is focused on improving fresh food access and building community.

In spring 2015, My Street Grocery is offering expanded hours and three additional community market locations in the US.

The trolley is stocked with produce, pantry staples, as well as dairy, meats and frozen fruits and vegetables. Whenever possible, the mobile grocery store sources from local producers.

Back to the 70’s where we were used that at-home-delevery of milk, vegetables and ice-cream.Wholefood My Grocery truck

McVitie’s pop-up cuddle café


Biscuit brand McVitie’s opened a pop-up café in London in which customers can pay for food with a hug. With this pop-up experience, the brand supported their TV advertising, which featured puppies and kittens crawling out of biscuit packets.

Schermafbeelding 2015-02-17 om 16.12.08

The McVitie’s Cuddle Cafe was a two day pop up where people went and got all snuggly with tea and biscuits in exchange for a cuddle. That’s right, no money needed, not even social media payment, just a good old fashioned cuddle. There were some prize to win too. Only open for 2 days.The #Sweeet was used for buzz creation.

Airbnb popped up at Galeries Lafayette

Only six people were allowed into the Galeries Lafayette in Paris to stay overnight in the shopping centre before its sale started on 7 January.

Guests will sleep underneath the venue's dome structure
The guests were sleeping underneath the venue’s dome structure

They got a tour of the department store, tailored advice from personal shoppers, a €200 voucher, a dinner and were the first  to take a look at the store’s sales items. In the morning, a typical French Breakfast was served.

Moleskine successfully tests location in East London

Moleskine pop-up store London

In order to see whether East London would be the right location for a permanent store. Moleskine opened a pop up shop in Unit 3, Old Street Station.The Moleskine store aimed to inspire and engage customers on a number of levels, with interactive tables, art exhibitions and events.

The pop up store went on to become one of Moleskine’s most successful locations. With over 200 people visiting every day and 20% converting. At times it was busier than their flagship store in Covent Garden. The pop up persuaded them it was definitely time for a permanent Moleskine store to open in Old Street.

Coca Cola Life launched in Rotterdam

To launch the new Coke variety Coca Cola Life, the company set up a pop-up store in Rotterdam where people could discover the new taste.  The variety contains less sugar and is available in a green can.

They got lots of attention of both press and shoppers.

Coca Cola Life pop up storeCoca Cola life pop-up shop

Moving from clicks to bricks in 2015?

from clicks to bricks in 2015

The news of Amazon’s first pop-up shop opening in New York in time for Christmas has certainly put the ‘clicks-and-mortar’ trend back into focus. This term which initially emerged to describe high-street retailers going online during the early dotcom years now is used to describe online companies opening up shops or temporary physical retail spaces. A move that seems to highlight that physical retail is still a necessary part.  A part that consumers want and expect. But while physical stores can extend the reach of an e-commerce’s brand to new customers, it does require different skills and can bring with it additional risks.  What should you consider when moving from clicks to bricks in 2015?

Offline stores could provide interesting data for online sales and provide valuable insight into how buyers select products. For us the introduction of pop-up stores would serve to give us an insight into how buyers select products.

Furtermore, not everything needs a tactile touch. Merchandising on t-shirts, hoodies and phone cases sells very well online because they are not high risk tactile purchases.  The desire to purchase is primarily driven by the design and message they carry.

Don’t forget to focus on the customer. What matters now more than ever is ‘the experience’ either offline or online. With so many local and international online competitors able to steal your customer, a bad experience loses you customers.  It is critical for pop-up retailers to provide a good online experience too. An eager shopper that has to wait to check out may decide to order online instead of standing in line at a till —especially with a rapid shipping option.

Customers want good service and value so if you provide this your brand will grow by retention and recommendation faster online than any offline retailer can manage. Coolblue’s introduction of same day delivery service and more convenient locations to collect their goods from highlights that the customer is always top of mind.

A pop-up space can reach more easily an audience already in shopping mode. Shops can also sometimes give consumers a far stronger introduction to your brand. And in-store visits can become opportunities to drive re-purchase or incremental sales online.

The biggest challenge for online retailers considering a clicks-and-mortar move however, is one of logistics and focus. At online shops, employees are all specialists in online marketing, e-commerce experience, mass customization and rapid direct-to-consumer fulfillment. Not one of them specialises in running a scaled offline retail business.  Plus, there are issues to consider such as shoplifting, stock damage and cash transactions. Deciding to move offline without taking into account all these considerations would not be a good idea. E-commerce retailers looking to make that move should really look to find an experienced retail partner before doing so.