Lokale handelaar popt-up

Pop-up shops kunnen voor tal van toepassingen ingeschakeld worden. Wil je nieuwe producten lanceren? Nieuwe markten testen? Een boost geven aan je naambekendheid? Ben je een online-shop en wil je geregeld een offline relatie met je klant opbouwen? Of worden er langdurige wegenwerken uitgevoerd in jouw straat? De mogelijkheden zijn legio.

Dit begrepen ook slager Chris en zijn vrouw Geraldine. Zij zochten naar een oplossing voor hun zaak tijdens de verbouwingen van hun slagerij. Geraldine: ‘Omdat we de klanten tijdens de verbouwing van onze winkel willen blijven bedienen, verhuist onze winkel tijdelijk naar onze garage in de zijstraat, de Meulebergstraat. En onze ‘pop up’-slagerij krijgt een eigen naam. Vanaf 3 februari 2014 heten we jullie tijdelijk welkom in ‘Slagerij Chris à l’improviste’.


Bron: http://www.hetnieuwsblad.be

Retail buzz converts into sales

Retailers want to have lots of fans and followers on social media.  But recent benchmarks show that their is no correlation between the number of fans and the buzz brands receive.  Furthermore: who wants fans and followers?  You need clients!

Pop-up business is an ideal tool to create buzz.   Studies show that original concepts are talked about.  Consumers share your concept via social media, talk about it in real life and lots of free press will be generated.

If people talk about your pop-up store, chanches raise that many others will visit your temporary store.  And that is were conversion begins.  Pop-up as a strategy.  We will be glad to help!

original pop-up store

Will you go bankrupt before you realize what to do?

We hearded it yesterday on the ‘Webwinkelvakdagen‘ in the Netherlands.  Some entrepreneurs need to go bankrupt first before they realize  their business model should be changed.   Marlies Dekkers (Lingerie) went bankrupt last year.  Now, she’s back and combines a new online shop with her traditional sales points and own pop-up stores that intensify her sales on different locations.

When you are in industries like fashion, shoe’s or other seasonal articles it’s hard to sell all year round.  Why should you keep on paying rent for your shops during months where almost nobody buys your articles?  Wouldn’t it be far more efficient to start a webshop?  There, you enable customers to shop all year round.  Furthermore, you could service them with a brick-and-mortar pop-up store when your season arrives.   You may even consider to open multiple pop-up stores in different cities during those critical times of the year.   The result will be a much healthier business!  And it may be just the solution you need to survive.

How to pop it up?

Pop-up retail is a great way to deliver the unexpected.  Fresh surroundings, new product, unusual presentations – all feed the soul of the savvy shopper.  But there is more to “pop-it-up” than just throwing open a pair of random doors.

What makes great pop-up store?  Let’s spell it out.


Identifying the objective for the pop-up shop is a critical first step.  Before you can effectively determine the “whats” (What does it look like?  What are we selling?  What goes on inside?), you need to know the “whys.”  Nail down your goals before you create your space, and start with a business concept.  Pop-up has to be part of your strategy.


Who are you?  Which USP’s do you have?  Think about the essence of your brand.  How can you showcase these qualities in your pop-up store? Make it original and worth visiting.


Details matter.  Understand your big picture, and then create little moments that combine to tell your story and engage your guest.  It’s the little things that a shopper will remember – and talk about.


Your pop-up store should effect your brand in a positive way and make it stronger.  Interact with your other marketing tools and with your audience.


Together with the objectives of your pop-up store and the location, you have to pay attention to the timing.  Testing a location needs more time than arising brand awareness.  Some objectives only need a couple of hours, others need a number of months.


A temporary store can not be a copy of your existing store.   You have to surprise your visitor and give them reasons to come and visit your pop-up space.   Let visitors see, hear, feel or taste what it is all about.  Make it exclusive and make sure people share your initiative.  Doing so, the ones who did not make it to your temporary store, will envy the visitors.  And that’s a good thing for your brand image.


It’s noisy out there.  Brands are screaming for your consumer’s attention.  The goal is not to make noise; you want to make a difference.  You do this by being provocative.  Ask a question.  Make a statement.  Challenge a truth.  Redefine a reality.  Make a joke.  Find your brand’s voice, and let it speak.

Then you will really pop it up.

Based on a blogpost of our US colleagues  Storefront

Best London Xmas popups 2013

Pop-up Screens Christmas season, Notting Hill

Accessible only through a magic wardrobe, the new venue will host screenings of films including The Muppets Christmas Carol, Miracle on 34th Street, Home Alone, Santa Claus The Movie and Nightmare Before Christmas.

20th Century Theatre, 291 Westbourne Grove, London, W11 2QA; December 13th-20th, doors open 12pm, 4.30pm or 7.30pm; Tickets £16; popupscreens.co.uk 

Krug Kreperie, Covent Garden

Reknowned French chef Pierre Koffmann has teamed up with premium champagne Krug to create the Krug Kreperie; gorgeous French chalet-inspired dining pods inside giant champagne crates on the East Piazza. Inside, the rustic wooden pods will be swathed in sheepskins to keep you warm as you raise a glass to Krug and try one of Koffman’s especially designed crepes.

East Piazza, Covent Garden; December 2nd-8th, 12-8pm; £35 for a glass of Grand Cuvee and a crepe; pre-booking not mandatory.

Santa Paws Grotto, Pimlico

Lest we forget it’s Christmas for dogs too, Lily’s Kitchen is launching London’s first pop-up Santa Paws Grotto. Dog-lovers can bring their pooch to meet Santa, submit their wish lists and shop for inspired doggie stocking fillers.

67 Pimlico Road, London SW1; November 28th-December 21st, 10am-6pm; Entry is complimentary; lilyskitchen.co.uk

10 reasons to start a pop-up store

Pop-up shops are a new trend in retail. Here are 10 reasons to start up your own:

1. Pop-up shops are hot. Consumer want new things.  Pop-up stores are temporary and therefore exclusive.  Time is short if you want to visit these unique and temporary shops.

2. Cross-channel is the new black. Selling online is a growing market, but consumer still want to taste, feel and experience a brand before buying online.  An e-retailer will sell significantly more if he pops-up at regular time to meet an even bigger clientele.

3. Get seen. Starting a pop-up shop will allow you to reach an entirely new group of customers without the risk of opening a brick-and-mortar store.  It enables you to be exactly in those areas where your customers are in that time of the year.  At the beach for instance in summer time or in a ski station in winter.

4. Test new markets. A temporary store is cheap and very effective way to test an area.  Setting up a pop-up is cost efficient and in a few weeks time you will get a fairly good idea on the assets of the area.  You may want to stay there with a brick-and-mortar store or can decide to test another location first.

5. Local shopping is flourishing. People are shopping locally! Start a pop-up store and build a better relationship with the people that shop in your area.  Open extra shop location for a limited time and multiple your sales.

6. Big retailers are hosting.  You don’t have to lease a classic shop for your pop-up store.  Brands are also using a store-within-a-store model and revamp their merchandise selection by partnering with other smaller retailers. Pop-up shops offer big brands a unique experience for their customer.

7. Sell limited-time inventory. Didn’t sell all of last seasons t-shirts? Starting a pop-up shop can help promote “limited-time” products. Also- try new pricing strategies.  Find out in your pop-up stores.

8. Try a new business idea. Meet with potential investors, create buzz and launch your brand. Release butterflies. Make blue lemonade. Make cotton candy unicorns. Try it and see what people think!

9. Develop a more engaging retail experience. Consumers want new and extraordanary experience while shopping. One option is pop-ups- a unique way to reach out to consumers and give them a very different view of your brand.  Make your pop-ups a special, limited concept stores, places to be in the city.

10. It pays off much more than classical advertising campaigns. Pop-ups benefit from free word-of-mouth communication.  If the concept is right, you get masses of free publicity by customers and press who talk about it.   Much cheaper and much more effective than a standard advertising campaign.  What are you waiting for?

(Source: Storefront)