Eastpak launches new retail concept via pop-up in London

The urban lifestyle brand Eastpak launched their pop up concept store #madeforlondon in Shoreditch (London). The store has been tagged as a “future thinking retail and social experience.”


The VP of Eastpak, Massimo Ferrucci commented, “we are so excited to be delivering this new concept pop-up store to London, the real centre of Europe for all things forward-thinking. It offers us the opportunity to tell our brand heritage story in a new and innovative way.”

By focusing the store’s design on digital technology, Eastpak are looking to change their target consumers perception of what Eastpak stands for. This pop up will be used as a test-bed to measure the total consumer experience.


Although the store is primarily focussed on digital experiences, Eastpak are also using local artists to engage the surrounding community. Inside the store a tunnel has been built that will be illustrated by a local artist Richard Fairhead, who will add to this ever evolving artwork for the duration of the store.




BMW pop-up store in Glasgow

BMW pop-up storeAn  2 months during pop-up shop will showcase BMW newest models.  The shop also features a BMW Discovery Bar, which gives visitors the chance to personalize a car via the Virtual Product Presenter app.
The  BMW franchise manager Sandy Edward, sees pop-up retail as a new and modern retail concept.  It enables BMW to reach new customers that might not necessarily visit a BMW dealership.  We couldn’t agree more!

Audi Opens Digital Car Showroom in London

Audi is leveraging digital technology in place of actual cars with the debut of their first Audi City showroom in London. Located adjacent to Piccadilly Circus, the showroom represents how Audi is solving the small space challenge of presenting a complete product line in an urban environment storefront.

Thanks to new media technology, visitors can digitally select their vehicle from several hundred million possible configurations and experience it in realistic 1:1 scale on screens that almost fill the entire space.

via PSFK

Pop-Up Shopping Wall Lets You Buy Beauty Products With Your Phone

Conde Nast’s Glamour has brought a shoppable wall to New York, stocked with virtual images of a variety of different beauty products from some of the magazine’s advertising partners. The Apothecary wall lets consumers scan 2D barcodes with a smartphone app to make a purchase and have the actual items delivered to them.

The shoppable wall, which has been set up near the Standard Hotel in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District, features beauty products from C.O. Bigelow, Elizabeth Arden, Unilever, Versace, John Frieda, Clearasil and Johnson & Johnson. Consumers who browse the wall and see something they’d like to buy can scan the item’s barcode with an app. SpyderLynck’s SnapTags technology has been used for the 2D barcodes that let anyone “shoot and shop” to quickly and easily make a purchase and then have their item shipped directly to them.