Volvo Pop-up store with interactive store window

Via an interactive game on the store window of the Volvo Pop-up store, visitors were teased to come inside.  Doing so, the Volvo temporary showroom was a successful element in the communication strategy of the Swedish car brand.  Also interested to set up an interactive store window?  Feel free to contact us for more info!

H&M unveils Conscious Capsule pop-up

HM-Conscious-LoungeHM-Conscious-Lounge_Pop-Up_FormRoom-11 HM-Conscious-Lounge_Pop-Up_FormRoom-9HM-Conscious-Lounge_Pop-Up_FormRoom-4

The pop-up space at the Oxford Circus (London) flagship store seeks to communicate H&M’s Conscious message to its customers. Visitors realise the steps they are taking to provide more sustainable and environmentally conscious fashion alternatives. The aim is for customers to be able to find out more through media content and interaction in a gallery/exhibition space.

Desigual experience pop-up store at REC.09

The REC.09 is a crossroads of fashion, urban heritage recovery and creativity.  Numerous brands (a.0. Desigualnd), occupied the old rec neighborhood of Igualada (Spain).

In addition to shopping, during the three days of the event, the REC hosted parallel cultural events such as concerts, exhibitions and conferences.