Luxueus verblijven in Maison Moët

Dit najaar zorgt champagne huis Moët & Chandon voor een unieke pop-up.   In kasteel Broeckhuyzen (tussen Utrecht en Arnhem) zullen ze 7 opeenvolgende weekends een unieke, high-end beleving bieden.

Elke vrijdag en zaterdag zal je er genieten van ultieme luxe in één van de 14 suites van Maison Moët.   Inspiratie deden ze op in het eigen Chateau de Saran, waar je kennis kan maken met de historiek en vakmanschap van het merk.

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Moleskine successfully tests location in East London

Moleskine pop-up store London

In order to see whether East London would be the right location for a permanent store. Moleskine opened a pop up shop in Unit 3, Old Street Station.The Moleskine store aimed to inspire and engage customers on a number of levels, with interactive tables, art exhibitions and events.

The pop up store went on to become one of Moleskine’s most successful locations. With over 200 people visiting every day and 20% converting. At times it was busier than their flagship store in Covent Garden. The pop up persuaded them it was definitely time for a permanent Moleskine store to open in Old Street.

Coca Cola Life launched in Rotterdam

To launch the new Coke variety Coca Cola Life, the company set up a pop-up store in Rotterdam where people could discover the new taste.  The variety contains less sugar and is available in a green can.

They got lots of attention of both press and shoppers.

Coca Cola Life pop up storeCoca Cola life pop-up shop

Pop-up hotel will be delivered to guests’ chosen location

Scandic To Go is delivering a pop-up hotel room to any location picked by the customer. This to personalize their service.


Instead of picking a location and then trying to find a hotel nearby, the service lets guests select the exact location of their hotel room. The Nordic hospitality chain has built a special 18m2 mobile hotel room complete with two beds, bathroom and a terrace area for enjoying the sights of their chosen destination. Guests can enjoy free wifi, the usual fresh towels and complimentary toiletries, as well as an included breakfast each morning.So far, the pop-up hotel has been placed in central Stockholm, on a beach in Southern Sweden and by a lake in Finland.

The service costs SKR 2500 per night and enables guests to experience a truly unique holiday.

Sony’s Underwater Pop-Up Store

sony under

It’s probably not the most convenient store to get to, but it is a great marketing experience for Sony.

sony under 2

‘L’Appartement’, the latest Louis Vuitton pop-up

The luxury brand Louis Vuitton asked to a Hong Kong designer, André Fu, to create a home for the brand to showcase art from LV’s collections, vintage and the latest pieces form the brand’s maison. The apartment, 3,500 sq ft, features a boudoir, a living room, a study and a separate dining room. In the kitchen, a Michelin-starred chef prepares dinners for invite-only guests.

L’appartement is a total emotional experience. With this pop-up LV also wants to introduce itself to the Far East.


louis vuitton apartment 5.jpg

Louis vuitton apartment 1.jpg


Carlsberg pop-up pub at Wembley

‘The best football pub in the world’. Carlsberg opened his pop-up pub near Wembley Stadium, before the England versus San Marino Euro qualifier game.

The Marketing Store identified three challenges associated with pubs and vowed to rectify them – queuing for beer, not being able to view the entertainment from certain areas of the pub and a lack of entertainment itself. From this, the pub has been designed to include a central bar with a consistently-stocked, 360-degree conveyer belt, easy access to Carlsberg either by tap, tray service and garden fridge and a number of gaming options.

Schermafbeelding 2014-10-14 om 10.22.31Schermafbeelding 2014-10-14 om 10.22.59