What types of pop-up stores do we distinguish?



Pop-up store is a term that is used to often in too many circumstances.  However, not every pop-up store is the same.  We distinguish a number of types within temporary stores.  To help you to understand the possibilities, we developped 3 axis.  In most cases you will need to take a combined position on all axis.

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A first axis concerns the cost of the pop-up store.  In some cases the pop-up is seen as a marketing cost to build the brand, launch a product, …  On the other side of this axe, we encounter pop-up stores that have to be profitable.

A second spectrum learns we have exclusive pop-up’s on the one side and public ones on the other.  Indeed, some pop-up’s are hard to get in.  Youhave to be on the invitation list or you have to do your utmost to find the (hidden) location.   However, most pop-up store are accessible for anyone.

The last classification is one concerning the interior of the temporary store.  Some of them are real exiting and offer experience from the first steps you get in.  On the other side we notice pop-up stores that remind you on a warehouse and lack interior design.

Depending from the purpose of your pop-up, you can go either way on those 3 axis, but please be aware you choose the right side.  Need help?  Read our book our contact us directly.