Moleskine successfully tests location in East London

Moleskine pop-up store London

In order to see whether East London would be the right location for a permanent store. Moleskine opened a pop up shop in Unit 3, Old Street Station.The Moleskine store aimed to inspire and engage customers on a number of levels, with interactive tables, art exhibitions and events.

The pop up store went on to become one of Moleskine’s most successful locations. With over 200 people visiting every day and 20% converting. At times it was busier than their flagship store in Covent Garden. The pop up persuaded them it was definitely time for a permanent Moleskine store to open in Old Street.

Moving from clicks to bricks in 2015?

from clicks to bricks in 2015

The news of Amazon’s first pop-up shop opening in New York in time for Christmas has certainly put the ‘clicks-and-mortar’ trend back into focus. This term which initially emerged to describe high-street retailers going online during the early dotcom years now is used to describe online companies opening up shops or temporary physical retail spaces. A move that seems to highlight that physical retail is still a necessary part.  A part that consumers want and expect. But while physical stores can extend the reach of an e-commerce’s brand to new customers, it does require different skills and can bring with it additional risks.  What should you consider when moving from clicks to bricks in 2015?

Offline stores could provide interesting data for online sales and provide valuable insight into how buyers select products. For us the introduction of pop-up stores would serve to give us an insight into how buyers select products.

Furtermore, not everything needs a tactile touch. Merchandising on t-shirts, hoodies and phone cases sells very well online because they are not high risk tactile purchases.  The desire to purchase is primarily driven by the design and message they carry.

Don’t forget to focus on the customer. What matters now more than ever is ‘the experience’ either offline or online. With so many local and international online competitors able to steal your customer, a bad experience loses you customers.  It is critical for pop-up retailers to provide a good online experience too. An eager shopper that has to wait to check out may decide to order online instead of standing in line at a till —especially with a rapid shipping option.

Customers want good service and value so if you provide this your brand will grow by retention and recommendation faster online than any offline retailer can manage. Coolblue’s introduction of same day delivery service and more convenient locations to collect their goods from highlights that the customer is always top of mind.

A pop-up space can reach more easily an audience already in shopping mode. Shops can also sometimes give consumers a far stronger introduction to your brand. And in-store visits can become opportunities to drive re-purchase or incremental sales online.

The biggest challenge for online retailers considering a clicks-and-mortar move however, is one of logistics and focus. At online shops, employees are all specialists in online marketing, e-commerce experience, mass customization and rapid direct-to-consumer fulfillment. Not one of them specialises in running a scaled offline retail business.  Plus, there are issues to consider such as shoplifting, stock damage and cash transactions. Deciding to move offline without taking into account all these considerations would not be a good idea. E-commerce retailers looking to make that move should really look to find an experienced retail partner before doing so.



Pop-up eBay: 24-Hour Christmas Windows

eBay Australia has deviated from its traditonal online model. From December 4th till December 7th, they opened four ‘eBay Shoppable Windows’, interactive window displays for the 2014 Australian Holiday Season.

Viewers enjoyed the products in each display, browsed product details on a 46-inch installed screen, and purchased items directly via mobile phones. Actors in each window display interacted with products, helping the consumer to imagine these products at home.



The campaing was a response to an internal holiday shopping report, which indicated that 65% of Aussies associate the holiday shopping season with physical cues such as Christmas music and decorations, and 37% get their gift inspirations directly from display windows. With both sensory details (including a snow machine and carol playlist) and mobile capabilities, eBay designed its windows to blend sensory shopping influence with online convenience.


Pop-up hotel will be delivered to guests’ chosen location

Scandic To Go is delivering a pop-up hotel room to any location picked by the customer. This to personalize their service.


Instead of picking a location and then trying to find a hotel nearby, the service lets guests select the exact location of their hotel room. The Nordic hospitality chain has built a special 18m2 mobile hotel room complete with two beds, bathroom and a terrace area for enjoying the sights of their chosen destination. Guests can enjoy free wifi, the usual fresh towels and complimentary toiletries, as well as an included breakfast each morning.So far, the pop-up hotel has been placed in central Stockholm, on a beach in Southern Sweden and by a lake in Finland.

The service costs SKR 2500 per night and enables guests to experience a truly unique holiday.

Sony’s Underwater Pop-Up Store

sony under

It’s probably not the most convenient store to get to, but it is a great marketing experience for Sony.

sony under 2

Airbnb pops up in a… plane

Airbnb & KLM: a perfect match to set up a pop-up hotel. A KLM jet liner serves as a unique pop-up accommodation to book an overnight at Schiphol.

Schermafbeelding 2014-11-14 om 09.22.48  klm_vliegtuig_op_airbnb

The pop-up contains a play area for children, two kitchens, a luxurious bedroom, 8 bathrooms to choose from, a private library and a private cinema. With this set up Airbnb shows their offer of unique travel experiences. A room can be booked from 28 till 30 November.



Psychological help in a pop-up bubble

Talkspace, an Israeli start-up,  popped up with large transparent bubbles last week on New York’s Fifth Avenue to offer free online psychological treatment to pedestrians. Passersby can enter a fake living room inside an inflated dome and chat online with a psychologist for free.

The aim is to raise awareness of the availability of mental health services over the internet. People find it easier to get an anonymous treatment, by using a touchscreen at home. ‘Talking with a professional over the internet is a great way to get help and to overcome mental difficulties’, according to the founders Oren and Roni Frank.

The English-speaking service is used across the United States, but includes clients from countries as diverse as Israel, Turkey, and Iran.

Schermafbeelding 2014-11-12 om 20.41.52

‘L’Appartement’, the latest Louis Vuitton pop-up

The luxury brand Louis Vuitton asked to a Hong Kong designer, André Fu, to create a home for the brand to showcase art from LV’s collections, vintage and the latest pieces form the brand’s maison. The apartment, 3,500 sq ft, features a boudoir, a living room, a study and a separate dining room. In the kitchen, a Michelin-starred chef prepares dinners for invite-only guests.

L’appartement is a total emotional experience. With this pop-up LV also wants to introduce itself to the Far East.


louis vuitton apartment 5.jpg

Louis vuitton apartment 1.jpg


Carlsberg pop-up pub at Wembley

‘The best football pub in the world’. Carlsberg opened his pop-up pub near Wembley Stadium, before the England versus San Marino Euro qualifier game.

The Marketing Store identified three challenges associated with pubs and vowed to rectify them – queuing for beer, not being able to view the entertainment from certain areas of the pub and a lack of entertainment itself. From this, the pub has been designed to include a central bar with a consistently-stocked, 360-degree conveyer belt, easy access to Carlsberg either by tap, tray service and garden fridge and a number of gaming options.

Schermafbeelding 2014-10-14 om 10.22.31Schermafbeelding 2014-10-14 om 10.22.59

Chanel Gym Pops Up at Bergdorf Goodman

The French fashion house Chanel is raking up action and energy in New York City by launching a gym-themed pop-up shop on the fifth floor of the Fifth Avenue luxury store Bergdorf Goodman. The Chanel on 5F gymnasium style installation has been designed by Chanel’s in-house team.


They used gray lockers, chain-link fences, benches and weights to create a gym atmosphere. The ‘sports club’ is offering Chanel’s ready-to-wear, bags, costume jewelry, sunglasses as well as sneakers. With this pop-up, the brand serves its fans in a complete new setup. To reinforce the pop-up, Bergdorf Goodman gave permission to Chanel to dominate its windows. The first time they allowed this to one brand.

The Fall/Winter 2014/15 collection will be exclusively available on 5F until 19th October.